A Final Goodbye to Cloudflare

A Final Goodbye to Cloudflare

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Vijai Kumar Suriyababu

Published on May 9, 2015

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I want to start this article by saying that it is only my opinion and it might not be same from every consumer point of view. I have been using Cloudflare for a bunch of my sites. I use it mainly for hiding my server IP and never really bothered about caching since I run sites purely for fun. I hardly have anything important to say. Now if that is the situation, you might ask why I would wave goodbye to Cloudflare. Here are a few reasons.

  • You have no control over what other sites are being reverse proxied by Cloudflare under the same IP address.

  • When you are running an application like ghost you are already reverse proxying with a webserver like apache or nginx, and it might give an amazingly outstanding performance in their paid plans. Still, it doesn't work out very well in their free program.

  • The SSL you are using is also shared by some sites who are involved in naughty activities like ddosing, and it would merely result in your domain/brand finding a place in a lot of blacklists.

Their paid / premium plans are excellent; I have been told. Since the ones who pay for the service are not crappy skiddies, you do not end up in an IP block with abusers at all. They advertise that they provide some DDOS protection in the free plan too. But in reality, they open the gate once flood comes in. I could merely makeup stuff as much as I want. I am moving because it is a choice based decision. I thought I would see how things go and pick up from there. I have had a lot of timeouts while using Cloudflare, which was irritating, especially when these alerts fill up my inbox. Since I do not need to buy a paid reverse proxy, I would rather spend my money on gaining the knowledge rather than aiming at a perfect stack that I hope to have someday.

Antithesis (2017)

I should also mention that Cloudflare may not have most of the issues that I listed above. I still use and love Cloudflare for two good reasons, though.

  • Maintaining all my domains (including my friends) and having an API level access in one place.

  • Cloudflare Apps (This is just an awesome feature from Cloudflare). You can read my experience where i tried to marry Medium with Cloudflare Apps.

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