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Vijai Kumar S
A Space to share my views on World, Science and People


So who is Mr. Douche Face running this silly blog? If you were really wondering about that, hopefully by the end of this you will not be wondering anymore. I was born in a small town called Srivilliputtur and moved to a nearby town called Thiruthangal with my parents for taking care of my grandparents.

I went to school there and moved on to another town called Nagercoil where i did my undergraduate degree in a virtually unknown place called Noorul Islam University and passed with good grades. I then moved to a bigger city called Chennai (Capital of my state) and started doing my M.S. (by Research) in a decent school called Madras Institute of Technology. I am one and a half year into my school. Although i haven't made any considerable progress in my Work, i hope to make a breakthrough very soon. Somewhere along the lines, i lost all motivation to do anything useful and ended up as a very lonely guy. I have a few to no friends compared to my school life. I don't hangout anymore and feel like i am stuck in an emotion and spatial rut. I hope i have more reasons to go forward in life because the list is getting shorter by the day and i am afraid it will run out soon. I have stronger feelings for scientific computing though and explore something new everyday. I like spending a lot of my time solving problems using programming and doing scientific visualization. I also blog occasionally about silly stuff and chat with strangers on Internet Relay Chat. Some of my favorite equations are as follows.

$\dfrac{\partial{dreams}}{\partial{past}}+\dfrac{\partial{life}}{\partial{present}} = reality$

Life is really simple, But we insist on making it complicated -- Confucius

You might learn a lot from me. I might be your dirty past or feared future. But i hope you learn from my mistakes because that's what this is all about to be honest.