Sentiment Analysis of Tweets about Rahman

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets about Rahman

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Vijai Kumar Suriyababu

Published on Sep 15, 2015

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I am a big fan of A.R.Rahman and always loved his music. He always had something different to deliver in his music. He was never just an musician though. He always believed in sharing his thoughts on issues he cared about. But he got into a pickle when he composed music for a movie which centered around Islam. While it was really a surprise to see that entire bollywood kept their fucking mouth shut, it was really interesting to run a sentiment analysis of recent tweets about A.R.Rahman. I have always noticed that the social media blindly goes into attack mode irrespective of their knowledge on the subject but twitter was very positive to his credit. The fact that he did nothing wrong is entirely a different story. I am not an expert on religions because it would be funny to see an atheist school religious heads. So i will do what i can do. I will show you the results of sentiment analysis.

Here is a timeline that shows sentiment of different tweets over the day.

The same content shown as a heatmap which clearly shows there are a lot more positive responses than negative.

Here is a graph which shows various sentiments and their confidence.

I also analyzed various tags and organized them into a cloud. This really isn’t very useful but it gives a hint of mostly used words in these tweets.

The above analysis was only done on recent tweets. The analyzer collected around 250 tweets and it clearly shows that social media stands behind A.R.R

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