Vijai Kumar

Software Engineer Steyr, Austria


Hello there! I am Vijai Kumar. I did my bachelor's and master's in Aerospace engineering. However, my family's financial situation pushed me to take up some employment immediately. I got an internship which turned into a Junior software development engineer position at a mesh generation software company. During my tenure as a Junior developer, I started learning about the internals of commercial grid generation algorithms and learned GUI development using the Qt framework. I also developed their company website using the Flask framework and automated many of their CI / CD infrastructure. Owing to a lack of growth, I decided to move on as a Software developer at Engineering Software Steyr GmBH (my current employer). Here, I primarily work on developing geometry processing and mesh generation algorithms. I also took up an industrial Ph.D. alongside my job at the company, which I am on track to complete in 2023. Having published a few papers in industrial geometry processing, I have a good overview of the state-of-the-art in my field. Amid COVID, I also got married and am looking to start a family. I feel that I am at crossroads in my life and I am looking to move on to a more stable company and a city that is more friendly towards outsiders. Occasionally, I also take up freelance projects for smaller companies that cannot afford to hire full-time developers / do not require one. If my skills suit a project in your company / a full-time position, feel free to contact me.

Work Experiences

Software Engineer

Engineering Software Steyr GmBH
2018 - Present
  • Maintainer of a comprehensive IO Library
  • Spherical proxy mesh generator (SPH and DEM solvers)
  • Hole detection algorithm development
  • Shrink wrap mesh generation (with special variants such as a smooth wrap and developable wrap catering to specific applications)
  • Octree-based mesh generator
  • Implicit surfaces and mesh generation

Junior Software Development Engineer

Program Development Company (GridPro)
2016 - 2018
  • Improvements to Qt-based user interface
  • Customer-specific scripting and tool development (using Python)
  • Built an in-house visual programming tool for automation of topology generation
  • Built a custom CI / CD platform using tools such as Fabric, Slack API, Asana API, Github hooks, and email APIs to build end-to-end automation of daily builds and release builds
  • Re-wrote entire website from scratch using Flask and MongoDB to have tight integration with all project management tools and chat tools to help marketing and sales teams.

Developer Intern

Program Development Company (GridPro)
2016 (3 Months)
  • Integration of various CLI utilities to Qt-based user interface
  • Linux-specific patches to address changes in Xorg's driver interfaces for smoother user interface functioning
  • Improvement of the in-house python API to achieve an automatic quality monitored grid generation

Publications & Conferences

  1. S Vijai Kumar, Cornelis Vuik and Matthias Möller - Shrink wrap mesh generation using morphological operators with selected applications - Accepted in International Meshing Roundtable 2021
  2. S Vijai Kumar and Cornelis Vuik - A simple and fast hole detection algorithm for discrete surfaces Published - ASME, 2020
  3. S Vijai Kumar and Cornelis Vuik - Mean camber line extraction algorithm for airfoil geometries - Published in Reports of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, 2020
  4. S Vijai Kumar and Cornelis Vuik - A robust particle generation algorithm for particle methods - Presented in SIAM CSE 21 Conference, 2021
  5. S Vijai Kumar and S Thanigaiarasu - A new mathematical model for studying fully ionized plasma flows in MPD thrusters, International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing - Published - World Scientific, 2016