A recap of 2017

A recap of 2017

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Vijai Kumar Suriyababu

Published on Dec 31, 2017

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This year was not short of surprises. Here is a brief summary of my 2017.

I am a pessimist. I have a pessimistic view of people and this world. I know that it is a stupid way to live your life. There aren’t a lot of people living their day-to-day life expecting a major screwup or a disaster (ironically speaking). But i am that guy. I don’t know what exactly screwed me up. But something did. For the pessimist in me, this year has been good.

Here is a list of bad things that happened to me :

  • Helped someone (whom i thought was a friend) and got cheated.

  • Lost yet another very best friend because of human stupidy. People think relationships (including friendships) end in an awesome explosion. It doesn’t have to. It only takes a tiny dosage of betrayal to end things. I had to write one of the most difficult mails i ever had to write in my life.

There were a few positive things too (to my surprise) :

  • I finally defended my M.S. thesis and successfully graduated.

  • As usual, i learned a lot this year and got much better at my job (Would be much better if it wasn’t for my short attention span).

  • I fell in love with economics, finance and politics this year. It has been very fascinating to me. I am also learning quantitative finance and plan to indulge a lot more on this in 2018.

  • I have definitely matured emotionally and developed a very high threshold for detecting bullshit.

I don’t want to be a pessimist forever. I really hope, I find that special someone who will turn my believes and views towards life this year. I also plan to advance my career, financial health and my own personal health. I have been very good at planning lately and risk management. I wish my parents (the only 2 people i have ever loved in life and still do to this date) continue to maintain a sound and good health. I wish everyone who reads this (friend or a foe / otherwise) a healthy, happy and positive new year. Be careful with what you eat, whom you are with and your finances.

These two songs touched me on so many levels this year 😃

Happy new year Everybody!

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